One place, a philosophical question, a fun debate, an artistic practice.


1 philosophical question to debate

+ 1 artistic practice to learn


MOSHI workshop 

Moshi workshops are based on 2 pillars: philosophical thinking and artistic practice.

For Moshi, philosophy is an intellectual tool to develop children's creativity, well-being and peaceful coexistence.

Moshi methodology teaches inductive, deductive and synthetic reasoning to reach critical and creative thinking in order for children to navigate in the complexities of our world.

Moshi intervenes in schools, museums, historical & cultural places, libraries, bookshops, public gardens, festivals, hospitals, or homes for birthday parties... and invites children from 5 to 13 years old and teenagers to cultivate awareness of their mind and their body in a specific setting.

Games, dance, music, interactive reading of a book, interacting with artwork, fun walking tour, discussing history... are all ways to interact with a philosophical question. Through debate, children express their ideas in artistic ways with the help of traditional or ICT tools, such as pens, paper, clay or mobile phone and tablet.

ICT tools can be used in order to search for philosophical information and to create digital artistic content.

For a detailed description of a MOSHI workshop, please contact us.

MOSHI programs

Every Moshi workshop is tailored to the needs of our partners, and respect the 2 pillars of Moshi methodology: philosophical thinking and artistic practice.

Are you interested to launch a debate with children? We are available to discuss how we could best help you. Don't hesitate to contact us!

  • schools
  • after-school programs
  • museums, art galeries
  • libraries
  • bookstores
  • festivals
  • birthday parties
  • hospitals
  • parks and gardens
  • leisure centers
  • cultural centers
  • walking-tours

MOSHI methodology training

You would like to conduct Moshi workshops? We would be delighted to teach you our wonderful philo-artistic methodology! Don't hesitate to contact us!




Chloé is a 12 years-old French girl who learned to make her first video thanks to Moshi. If you want to make one like her you can !

Eliott is a 10 years-old French boy who learned to add a philosophical quote on his selfie with a mobile app thanks to Moshi. If you want to make one like him you can !









Arthur, a 12 years-old boy (who doesn't have the same reasoning as other children, as he was diagnosed autistic) learned to make his first animation film thanks to Moshi. You can also make one if you want !