Caroline Murgue

MOSHI Founder/President - Creative Director

Caroline is a French Medical Anthropologist who spent 12 years working with top scientists and physicians in pediatric HIV/AIDS research and international NGOs. She specialized in Internal Medicine and founded Bibimbap Studio Lab, animation films studio for Health Education.

In 2014, she created MOSHI method of education and conducted the first series of workshops at Paris Plages summer festival in July 2015 in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo attacks. It was while she was studying for her bachelor’s degree in Art and Design in London, that she first thought of the idea. Passionate about Philosophy & Art, she saw the need for every child to have an opportunity to nurture their innate curiosity and creativity. She hopes to make philosophy & art more accessible to everyone.

Caroline is also a consultant in Artificial Intelligence Ethics. She has worked for Microsoft AI school, 42 computer programming school, the MIT, Google France to teach an innovative AI / Big Data Ethics curriculum that she designed at the IAS Princeton: 3FT© program. Linkedin


Charlotte Kubicz

MOSHI Vice-President

Charlotte is a Franco-American Linguist with years of experience in the education and communication industries. Charlotte holds a degree in Fine Arts in Europe and a Bachelor’s degree in German from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA. Since creativity has been one of the driving forces in her personal and professional endeavors, MOSHI was a logical next step. In 2016, she joined the MOSHI team to help spread the word! She loves to listen to children question their world and hopes to make MOSHI accessible to as many kids as possible. Linkedin

adeline moshi.jpg

Adeline Chiavaroli

MOSHI Manager France - Strategy Trustee

Adeline is a Franco-Italian educator trained as a Montessori teacher. She was the executive director of an orphanage in Northern Thailand and worked for international NGOs in resources-limited countries. Mother of 2 children she is willing to make our world a better place through philosophical and creative thinking. She takes care of MOSHI method of education to ensure that everyone can learn it! 


Anne Jaouen

MOSHI Manager & Educator Paris

Anne is a singer and music composer who wants to transmit her talent to children. She worked as a primary school teacher, and then realized that to combine her passion of music and education, MOSHI was the organization to join! She was one of the first artist to participate in MOSHI journey and is still here to harmonize children's philosophical ideas and creativity. Linkedin

laurie moshi.jpg

Laurie Perrin

MOSHI Manager & Educator Lyon

Laurie is a Franco-American educator trained as a Montessori teacher who graduated in Philosophy. Philosophy is the art of asking questions and she knows that children excel in doing so. Mother of 2 children, she wanted a curriculum that could help them to build self-confidence and develop universal understanding of our world. That's the reason why she joined MOSHI in 2017 to develop this innovative methodology in Rhône-Alpes, France.

diane mosjo.jpg

Diane Le Pluart

MOSHI Public Health Adviser

Diane is a medical doctor who travels all around the world to heal suffering. She sees philosophy and arts as the best medications for happiness. Her medical experience in various settings has proved that the practice of philosophical questioning coupled with artistic expression is the grassroot treatment to alleviate anxiety. She joined MOSHI as she is convinced that MOSHI method of education is an evidence-based solution for the well-being of population. Linkedin

MOSHI inc. - Board of Directors

Zhan Deng - Financial Analyst

Maho Oida - Graduate Student, Columbia University

Benjamin Benharrosh - Co-founder Delair-Tech

Didier Fassin - James Wolfensohn professor of social science IAS Princeton / former vice-president MSF - Doctors without Borders