Discover the philo-artistic blog from LFNY students (Les 4 L)

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Les 4 L is a project from Lycée Français de New-York (LFNY) students.

For the school year 2017-2018, Melchior Delpech, Nour Massoud, Lorenza Wolska de la Torre, Elisa Kluger have been working on a philo-artistic project with the help of Laurent Morival, professor of philosophy, literature, cinema at LFNY and Caroline Murgue, founder of the nonprofit MOSHI.

The objective of this project is to create philosophical artworks.

Their artworks will be exhibit during LFNY cultural fair on october 28th 2018, at Albertine bookstore on June 10-11th 2018, and at UNESCO headquarters for World Philosophy Day in November 2018.

This blog aims to showcase their work-in-progress: their inspiration, their questioning, their drafts.